Intro to Project
The Cynic’s Guide to a Reasonable Theme Park Vacation is a theme park guidebook that gives readers a scathing deep dive into planning a “reasonable” theme park vacation. The most notable feature of this book is the voice of the narrator, a self-acclaimed cynic. This voice became the driving force for the visual inspiration for the book cover’s design.
Theme parks are usually associated with jubilant pops of color and kids running around, excitedly. However, this is a guidebook for adults who want absolutely nothing to do with children at theme parks. This inspired a black white color scheme, full of texture one might expect on an aged bottle of whiskey.
Taking inspiration from the elegance of scotch and whiskey labels, I focused the design on the title of the text, specifically emphasizing “Cynic’s Guide” in the flow of the text. Older whiskey labels tend to have simple line flourishes which I used alongside all four borders of the book, with each corner design signifying a different theme park covered in the book.
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