Intro to Project
While working at Rhetro & Co., I designed pitch deck templates aimed at telling the story of our pitch through design. This sample project from my time with Rhetro & Co. Continues to be one of my fondest memories of working at the company. As a member of the team, regardless of position, I had the opportunity to pitch “blue sky” ideas for rides and experiences for the theme parks we’d design. Working with a global entertainment company at the forefront of the entertainment industry, was exhilarating. 
While I can’t highlight the specific content from our pitch deck, below are several sample template pages I created for the project. I led the art direction for the layout of the pitch deck and worked alongside our art development team to create assets to bring the presentation to life. Travis Hahn and I worked together to conceive the gold film strip unfurling in a similar fashion to the winding shape of a rollercoaster.
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