Intro to Project
Materia: Regenerative helps environmentally conscious brands deliver consistency and quality to their customers with hemp-derived, USDA organic concentrates and food ingredients. While working at MadDesigns, I was tasked with creating Materia: Regenerative’s logo design & brand guide for their website. In the creative brief for the project, the client wanted a new sleek and botanical-influenced design inspired by the company’s location in Denver, Colorado.
Color Palette
Inspired by the images of their farm in Colorado, I created a color palette of muted earth tones, using orange as a secondary color to complement the greens. I knew these colors would work beautifully in their future website design.
Logo Design & Typography
From packaging to website design, Materia’s logo design needed to be cohesive and easy to adapt to its various uses. Taking inspiration from the mountains in Colorado, I played with the individual characters within the typeface I chose for the logo. The A’s took on the appearance of simplified mountains, with two options, one accentuated and one minimalist.
For the iconography, I designed an assortment of options, focusing on the hemp leaves themselves and the mountains. The client ended up loving each of the options and wanted to see if it would be possible to join the ideas together.
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