Intro to project
14/48 began in Seattle in 1997. They’ve graced many venues over the years, 2022 being the first year of the festival in Los Angeles. Since the 14/48 Projects is a global theatre festival with each iteration's logo's tagline dependent on the location, I decided to use the location as inspiration for the newly updated brand guidelines. 
Color Palette
Color is the fastest and easiest way to make an emotional connection to a user or audience member. To immediately place our festival in Los Angeles, I developed a color palette of bright red oranges, pinks, and warm blues, colors so readily recognizable in LA’s spectacular sunsets. Paired with imagery of palm trees and blue skies, our design language spoke to the atmosphere and identity of LA ubiquitously. 
Logo Design
For the logo design, we knew we wanted something different from the original 14/48 Projects logo. After playing with a few different typefaces, the biggest stand out was Poppins, a thick and rounded sans serif font exuding play, friendliness, and a sense of groundness. 14/48 Hollywood’s mission is to provide a supportive community for radical artistic collaboration, forging new connections between artists and audiences. Poppins felt like a natural fit for 14/48 Hollywood’s company goals.
As a partner festival of the original 14/48 Projects in Seattle, the two stars in the logo design symbolize our relationship as a partner festival stemming off from the original 14/48 Projects in Seattle. The stars are also take inspiration from countless references of the Hollywood film industry, from the the walk of fame to the stars themselves.
Social Media
Social media encapsulates the voice of a brand, from giving daily updates or posting an event on Instagram, how and what you have to say needs to have its own character. When providing information to our audience, we don’t simply throw a paragraph onto an Instagram tile, we make mock pop quizzes, and shareable and interactive posts to boost engagement with our audience instead of being another post in their daily scroll through. The voice of 14/48 Hollywood’s brand is playful and inviting, welcoming our community to collaborate with us and make something new.
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